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CRM Management

The foundation of any solid sales operation is the customer relationship management system or CRM as it is commonly known.

Alternetics maintains a high level of understanding and certifications on the two leading CRM platforms, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

While both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement have an extensive list of published and unpublished capabilities, knowing when and how to apply each is only learned from doing.

Because every outsourced sales operations support team member works with multiple clients, our experience grows at an exponentially great rate than an employee would. It is that experience you benefit from every day.

Sales Analytics

It's hard to know where you need to go, if you are not analyzing where you have been.

Alternetics will compile the wealth of data your sales team generates every day and develop intelligent reporting and visualizations that allow executive leadership to make fast, intelligent decisions.

Utilizing the internal capabilities of your technology platforms as well as incorporating external products like Power BI, your team will be more informed than ever before.

Need dashboards while you are out of the office? Alternetics has deep experience in mobile technology and can provide you and your team the information they need, when they need it, whether it is in the office or on the go.

There is no harder job than picking the right technology tools for your sales team. There are hundreds of solutions advertised to make your team more productive than you ever imagined. Knowing which ones work, integrate, and provide the greatest return for your team only comes from hands on experience. Making the wrong decision can cost thousands in lost dollars and productivity. 

Alternetics has worked with hundreds of apps over the years and maintains high level of understanding for which work well in given situations.

Our team is continually testing and vetting products as they come to market to ensure your team has a clear productivity advantage over your competitors.

Sales Technology

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