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Better System Adoption

If you've spent any time in business, you've probably been involved in a "...ok, here it is..." system deployment. You know, the one where your boss calls a meeting to tell you about the great new software the company just purchased that is going to make your life so much better. Oh, and you can begin using it right away! Of course the part that is usually left out is how to best use the new tool to get those great new results.

We all know big-bang deployments don't go well. So why do companies continue to neglect the user training aspect of the effort? And even if initial training is provided, what it you were not there for the initial training? The reason is because training has always been seen as a costly endeavor that takes takes a good deal of time to create and that no one really enjoys.

When I first started working on our PowerFranchisor365 solution, we thought we would solve this problem by creating a complete training curriculum and provide free access to all users. The classes were thorough and well produced. We created everything in an online teaching platform to try to make the user experience as good as possible. We even had a test at the end to gauge how well you listened and retained. The result? A big dud. As it turns out, users don't want to sit through a training curriculum and be tested at the end. Users want quick answers to specific questions and not much else.

So knowing the big-bang deployment did not work and the produced training did not work, we decided to try very basic short videos. The result? A big success! It seems users are perfectly willing to watch a two or three minute video that specifically shows them how to do what that want to do. No need for big production, just a simple screen capture showing yourself doing what it is they want to do and it works.

While there are lots of video options for the storing and distribution of these videos, we found YouTube playlists to be pretty effective.

I hope this tip saves you time and improves your deployments. Be sure to leave a comment if you have found other methods to be particularly helpful in your system adoption efforts.

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