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UpLead B2B Data

Updated: Jul 24

UpLead is a cloud based data sourcing product designed to provide both company and contact information for sales and marketing teams. Like the majority of the products on the market that provide data, they source public records as the initial starting point and enrich using programatic algorithms. Additionally the utilize mail server verification to validate contact emails as best they can. Unlike the traditional list purchase offering UpLead offers the data on a monthly subscription basis. And more importantly, you are not renting the data as you do with most list companies. When you download it, it is yours.

What I Liked

I found the product extremely easy to buy and use. They have a trial that will allow you to use most of the features you would typically need and the instructional videos are very straight forward. I was up and running in a matter of minutes.

Data searches in UpLead are easy to perform and downloading is truly phenomenal. UpLead supports both Salesforce and Dynamics integration for easy transfer between UpLead and your platform. While it is probably not the case for most companies, the integration is actually at the user level, meaning you can actually export to both Salesforce and Dynamics in the same environment. Since we operate in multiple environments, we found this to be particularly awesome.

Once you've built your search criteria and executed the query, you simply select the records you want to import and select Export. You can also select all the records and enter the total number of credits you have and UpLead will stop exporting when you are out of credits. This made the process very fast and easy for me. You will be asked if you want only contacts where the email address has been verified or all records regardless of verification. Once that is done, the integration creates both the company and the contact populating most all the field you would want such as address and phone.

What I Did Not Like

The only knock I can give UpLead at this point is related to returning bad records for credit. While the bounce rate for the test I did was very low, there are still records I paid for but did not get. I would like to have the ability to easily return those for credit. Perhaps it will be something in a future release, but at this time you must manually send those to UpLead for credit.


For companies and sales teams looking for an alternative to list purchases, UpLead is definitely a great option. The price is good, the data is good, and the effort to get it working for you quickly is low. What more could you ask for?

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