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Recent Telemarketing Benchmarks

Are There Benchmarks?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been asked about what type of results can be expected when executing a simple telemarketing campaign and wished there were telemarketing benchmarks somewhere. Given our business is creating platforms that enable customers to execute these type campaigns, I completely expect the questions. In every case however, the only response I am professionally and accurately able to provide is "...it depends..."

So rather than continuing with a completely un-scientific and un-helpful response, I thought I would post the results of a recent telemarketing effort we executed internally. Please feel free to use it as telemarketing benchmarks or reference to compare your results.

The Calling Effort

To frame the effort, this campaign was directed at 1,000 contacts from a list we obtained from an association which we are a member. In terms of data quality standards, it would be considered a much higher quality list than what you might get from list providers like Alesco Data, Zoom Info, Info USA. I am guessing the "Bad Number" and "Not at the Company" results would be much higher with a less qualified list. Of course that is another very un-scientific opinion.

The goal of our campaign was to introduce and educate, not to sell. Below are the actual call results, by type, that we experienced. The chart I have included below was printed directly from our Dynamics 365 system.

As you can see, roughly 68% of the calls landed in voicemail boxes while a mere 6% resulted in actual conversation with the intended recipient. Not surprisingly, only .02% of the people we called were not at all interested in what Alternetics offers. This is completely in line with my belief that education is a much better telemarketing effort than sales. I have typically experienced that just because someone does not buy today, does not mean they will not buy in the future.

Given these results, I find it remarkable how many companies regard telemarketing as "dead." While it is definitely more expensive than other education efforts, it does produce results. But then I guess it depends on the objective of the campaign. Off my soapbox and back to the campaign...

How you interpret these results depends largely on your marketing philosophy. My marketing philosophy is based on the premise that 100% of the companies who don't know about you won't buy from you. Since our campaign strategy was education and not an immediate sale, I would say this was a very successful campaign. We spoke directly with almost 6% of the people we called and for the 68% we did not speak with directly, we were able to leave a voicemail with who Alternetics is and why we are calling.

So there you have it. The actual telemarketing benchmarks from a well-executed telemarketing campaign. Please feel free to share your results! I would be curious to see what others are experiencing.

And of course, if we can assist you in setting up the technology infrastructure to execute and capture these type results, please reach out so we can help!

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