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Top Sales Activities for Growing Your Business

Growing a business in today's hyper competitive marketplace is challenging to say the least. Buyers are more inundated with offers than ever before and at the same time, so hard to reach.

The thing to remember as you ponder how to take your business to the next level is that it is probably not going to be one, but several things, you will need to do to see results. This article will discuss not only the top sales actives for growing your business, but the cost and return expectations as well.

Email Mass Marketing

There is not one person or company in business who has not sent or received an unsolicited email. Most people get hundreds a day and never act, but I know first hand they do work albeit at a very low rate. Just because you don't like getting unsolicited email does not mean you should avoid it for your business.

Mass email is a timing effort which means your message needs to show up when the buyer is thinking about making a purchase. The good news is, with a good CRM loaded with good data, you should be able to send thousands of emails for virtually nothing. Think of it as a very low cost brand and/or service recognition effort.

Search Advertising

The first thing most people do when they are thinking about making a purchase is to search Google, Bing, Yahoo to see what is available. I bet if I asked you about your buying habits you would say the same thing. Regardless as to whether the purchase is a business or consumer product, this is today's dominant buying behavior.

The first budgeted sales activity dollar you spend should go to search advertising. Let's face it, buyers making a search are interested in something. Don't you want to show up as an option if they are looking for a product or service you offer?

Sure clicks can be expensive, but it is by far the least expensive way to get in front of buyers who are genuinely interested. And when the buyer makes it to your website, make sure you have a way to capture as much about them as you can. That data can fuel other efforts.


For companies selling a product or service that the buyer might not know exists or is not regularly searched, telemarketing is a great alternative to search advertising. Todays "flat" world provides access to thousands of freelance individuals who can do introductory calls for your business. The goal is not to sell, but to spark interest and further the discussion. Once interest is shown, that prospect can be passed to someone with a deeper knowledge and skill.

For this sales activity to be possible it is essential you have a solid CRM in place like Salesforce, Dynamics, or others to serve as foundation. With that in place, the world is your office. Adding callers and managing their activities is not overly difficult, and the cost to ROI ratio can be very similar to search advertising.

Direct Sales

I don't want to date myself but I do remember a time when, if you wanted to grow your business, you hired sales people. The more salespeople, the more sales. That was the formula. It was easy to do and in reality, email and search marketing did not even exist. The closest thing to search advertising was a yellow pages ad!

Today, the chances of a salesperson calling a prospect out of the blue and having that call result in a sale is very low. Add to that the new COVID-19 world and you might ask yourself why you would ever hire a salesperson.

The only direct salesperson you should hire is the one who already has a book of business or contacts they can immediately convert to new business. Without that, the cost and risk is simply too high in my opinion. Salespeople are expensive and they have to pay for themselves quickly for that sales activity to make sense. Hiring an industry veteran with the mutual understanding of immediate success is the only way this sales activity pays off.


While there is no perfect formula or combination of sales activities for growing your business, doing nothing will provide you with an almost certain outcome.

If we can help provide any of the infrastructure needed to execute your sales activities and enable your sales team, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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